HGC 2023 Season

Hello Fellow Gardeners!!

Happy April 1st everyone! 

It’s amazing how one day of the year can stick in your memory bank from your childhood experiences. Many times, during the 60’s, I would completely miss the passage of time as April 1st would roll around. And every single year, my older brother would catch me off guard and ambush me with a zinger of a practical April fool’s day joke!!

I look back now and chuckle at my brother’s antics from years ago. His sense of humour has not changed, however, when he calls to check in on me, our telephone conversations usually turn to gardening, as we both have this love of putting our hands in the dirt. A wonderful feeling that I’m sure all of you share as well.

This is the reason why I hope that all of you will come out and join us on April 18th for the Hudson Garden Club’s Annual General Meeting. Let us share with fellow club members, our love of putting our hands in the dirt. You’ll also get the chance to meet some old friends, sip from a glass of wonderful tasting wine and nibble on a morsel of zesty cheese, maybe even revel in some great stories of how you got punked on April 1st in your younger years. This is what you can look forward to, so please come and join us on the 18th.

Our ‘23 season is nicely taking shape. 5 individuals have graciously accepted our invitation to come and speak to us on a variety of topics:

All of these wonderful speakers and our full calendar of events is listed on our website HERE.

Don’t forget that on April 18th, besides the ability to renew your membership, this date will also allow you the opportunity to sign up for our bus trip on July 6th.

Finally, I received an invitation from our Mayor, Chloe Hutchinson. She is putting together an ad hoc committee entitled Hudson Cultural Policy Committee. This Committee ”will serve as a tool to orient our efforts and priorities in the next 5 to 10 years in terms of ‘Culture’ in Hudson.” She is looking for volunteers, who have a historical knowledge of the Hudson garden scene pertaining particularly to old English Gardens in Hudson. More information can be found HERE.

Have a wonderful day everyone and don’ get punked!